Statements such as ‘…blessed by God‘ do not sound intelligible to many people, but still form the basis for everything in life for others. You may want to share! When God blesses someone what happens to them and what does not happen, and what happens or does not happen when He does not bless a person? Or is every one blessed after all?

You do not need to answer all the questions. It suffices only to say, what you are convinced it means to be blessed by God.

It will be greatly appreciated if you say from your Heart, or Mind, but not from a Book. If you believe what a book or a Speaker says, state it here as your own believe. I am sure it will be interesting and helpful to see how others believe and live, because our convictions in the ‘faith realm’ eventually rub off on real life and might be driving us sad or happy just walking through live. Someone else is thinking differently! Simply leave it here as a comment.

5 thoughts on “BLESSED? HOW DOES IT FEEL?

  1. Yea, when things I desire or pray about come to actualization, I believe I am blessed, everybody is blessed although we are blessed in diverse ways and I must say it feels fulfilled to be blessed. When things work in favor of us or not we remain confident because we have a God that has promised he will never fails.

  2. Every body is blessed by God. Someones blessing is discovered by the person who is blessed. The blessing comes from the persons comittment to God and the persons participation in the comittment. You grow to harvest. One cannot complain of a poor harvest if he did not grow

  3. It is difficult to define what it means to be blessed by God. My little understanding of this topic is that, God’s blessing is on every one as stated in Matthew 5:45. When God has done for you, what you can not do for yourself, you can say, you are blessed. For example, the ability to sleep and wake up, the gift of sunshine, the gift of rain, the air we breathe. All these are things no man can do for himself.

  4. Of course every one is blessed (My opinion). But we all need to subscribe to the blessing before we start enjoying it. By subscription i mean; been con-tempted, working hard, believing in God Almighty, appreciating God for every little thing He does for us. Imagine someone will wake up in the morning without saying “Thank you Jesus for giving me life today” (Appreciation), “Thank you Jesus for giving me this meal”(another simple appreciation). we see these things as normal life occurrence, but it takes God’s mercy to have them, so we need to appreciate Him even for these things we think are normal life occurrences.

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