Evang. Jeremiah Onwukaobi



The first part of this reflection, Nigeria: the change we all need (Pt. 1) was written and published in the twilight of 2015 General Elections. That was when the word ‘Change’ took another dimension in Nigerian politics to the point of being debased. In those days, ‘Change’ was offered to Nigerians as food was to hungry and desperate children; and desperation, they say, leads to frustration.

In that first part of this reflection, this writer insisted that “… though man struggles to change or to effect a change, if the change does not begin from within, he would not make much progress in the process. Change springs from within and is seen without. The reason why ‘Change’ has remained an abstract word is because nobody is emphasizing the need for personal inner change. We don’t want to change our ways, yet we want things to change around us. If one desires to see a different result, he/she must change his/her ways of thinking and of doing things. But as far as we continue in the old ways, we can’t have a different result”.

The second part, Nigeria: the change we all need (Pt. 2) however was written after the

General Elections have been conducted, won and lost. It was published in May 2015. In those days, many Nigerians won and lost various bets following the eventual fate of their respective candidates. It was a season of wailing and hailing, when the leader turned to the led, the majority turned to minority, as power really and truly changed hands, and great expectations mounted in the air across Nigeria. But in my reflections, I had looked at various attempts by past governments to inculcate CHANGE amongst the Nigerian populace, all of which have failed. In the said article, I had sampled Gen. Buhari’s War Against Indiscipline (WAI) (1983-1985); Gen. Abacha’s War Against Indiscipline and Corruption (WAI-C) (1993-1998); and Chief Obasanjo’s (1999-2007) “Rebranding Nigeria” campaign, which was championed by the late Amazon, Prof. Dora Akunyili.

And then I concluded that “Now that we have a new government which came into power with ‘Change mantra’; now that the change we all yearned for is dawning on us; now that we all expect change as immediate as a flashlight; let us not be deceived, change must begin from within. If Nigerians do not change their social behavior and moral attitude, the new government may not do much for us. Those who would constitute the new government are not angels nor are they from another planet or country; they are Nigerians and part of Nigerian system. In fact, many of them were part of the government that was changed but only cross-carpeted in search of political fortunes. So, on their own, they cannot effect any reasonable change. As we set to experience a new change in government, let us be the change we want”. Continue reading “THIS CHANGE!”