Given the apparent prevalence of evil in the world, many people, even good Christian believers, have been frustrated to the sad conclusion; ‘Satan rules the world, this is his time’. But what does the verb, ‘rule’ mean?

Here I shall resist the temptation to veer off into grammatical details. I shall simply say a Ruler is that one who determines what happens in his particular territory. He is in charge. His Subjects answer to him. He says, and rightly expects it to be. A Ruler orders his kingdom.  Satan rules the world?


We know that we come from God, but the whole world is in the hands of the evil one. (1 Jn. 5:19). This piece of write up appears in the Bible and I do not have issues with the credibility thereof.

I know of preachers who have dismissed this easily as one of the consequences of the malicious corruption of Sacred Scriptures over time. But I also know that this is taken so seriously among some other Christians that they would not participate in the social-political government of this world because this is the government of the evil one. Did John the disciple write that? Why did he do so? This is for experts to comment. I am writing on a very simple question of faith; who is in charge of this world? Why do you say so?  My position is just below.


I believe that God rules this world. And I tell you how far my belief goes.

a). I do not believe that the All-Knowing God has programmed the world for events to follow given paths while He relaxes and maybe, drinks wine and speaks Greek the way Epicurus thinks. If a man dies today, he simply does what he had been programmed to do today. If an earthquake rocks a city today, it is because it had been programmed at creation that it should happen today. I do not believe those ones. God does not abandon His creatures to themselves. He is actively involved. He is not an indifferent God.

b). Well, how actively involved? I do not believe that God goes about each person knocking some individually on the head when they offend Him; pushing some to the ground; giving bonuses in Money to others; Chocolates and hi-fives to good Children; misfortune to stubborn ones; trying in vain to save one cancer patient and actually working a miracle to save another; constantly arranging His passengers on board, some to the backside of life, others to the front; I do not believe that at the end of each day, God tucks us all up neatly in bed, quarrels about those ones keeping late nights, returns exhausted to his own place to rest and decide who will not wake up the next day. I do not believe that too. God is not the driver of Buses, and Trams; He is not Doctor; He is not Pilot; He is not your Cook; not your Security man; He is not the cause of (and is not in) an earthquake. He is not the cause of plane crashes. He is not the cause of (and is not) in the fire causing havoc. He is not part of creation. He is God the Creator.

c). I believe that God, in the words of the Church, gives existence to creatures and upholds them; that He enables creatures to act; that He brings creatures to their end. I like to state clearly as a strong part of my belief that there exists a strong connection between the actions of creatures and their destiny in the face of God. Human beings are deliberately responsible for the World under God’s Guidance. The heavens belong to the Lord, but the earth he has given to men (Ps. 115). Human beings are largely responsible for much of happenings in the world, horrible or glorious. They were deliberately responsible for the two most horrible wars the world has seen. I believe that our actions affect this world beyond the much we know. God has made it so.


So why did God not act, and still does not act to prevent those human horrors?

The same reason He did not act to prevent the fall in the Garden of Eden. You know he could have prevented it but He didn’t.


Yes, He didn’t. Why?  I borrow again words from the CCC because they best couch what I believe: God not only gives his creatures their existence, but also the dignity of acting freely?

How dump! That sounds like a father giving his Child the ‘dignity’ acting freely with harmful objects.

Maybe not so dump. At every stage that God allows free actions, He knows that in spite of our limitations, there are options available to the actors and a proportionate ability to choose; they are free to choose good or evil. He expects them to choose ‘good’ but will not coarse them to do so. So in similar situations two men may choose two different lines of action. They are free to do so. God has made it so.

He knows those who choose evil, the ‘causers’ of Wars, and quarrels, why does He drag everybody into the penalty?

They too are His Children and are essentially not evil. I do not think people are evil, I think they only choose lines of action that bring evil consequences. Someone has made a choice that is causing the crisis in Syria (or people have made those choices). Unfortunately, since we live in one world, we must bear the discomfort of having ‘snoring roommates’. Or should they be thrown out because they snore?

Well what is He doing about those evils that are not caused by us? Maybe like a Lion eating up a Human being? Well the Lion is happy for a meal. Could have been a goat-meal; the Lion eats flesh. Just like human beings eat flesh and ‘Green’. But which is more ‘evil’? The Lion that eats Humans only when one falls prey (and not often) or the Human beings who go out hunting and killing animals and cutting tree? I am sure you think that all the flesh you eat was created for you to eat.

What about floods and earthquakes?  Because of sin, the earth now revolts against man in many ways until we are able to fully accomplish that divine mandate God gave us at creation to subdue the earth (Gen. 1). That means making the earth listen to us while we respect her as Mother. At least this is what I think. Rivers will flow because they are Rivers, but they will not take people and property along. The earth will quake, but we will move away before it does. There will be no more Plane crashes.  It will be a beautiful world. We are in the process of subduing the created world. God has allowed it.

Why did He not make it Perfect from the Beginning?

I am sure Adam felt proud giving names to all the things that God had created, I am sure life was good for them until they misused their position. They turned away from cooperating with God and looked elsewhere. Have we proven to be any better than they were in cooperating with God?  God wants us to share the glory of being co-workers with Him.



I have looked for reasons to think there is the possibility that Satan is ruling the world, but there is no reason. Let me show you how impossible it is to conceive me on that.

a). Who created the world? God did. At least this is what we read from the Bible. It is more likely that the one who created the world owns and controls it.

b). I am not aware that God handed the world over to Satan at any point. That is not in the Bible and is not found in Sacred Christian Tradition.

c). I am not aware that Satan succeeded in wrestling the world away from God violently. The world still belongs to the Creator. Unless you can prove to me that at some point Satan snatched the World from God.

d). while one statement in the Bible says the world is in the hands of Satan, there are many Scriptural passages that state that God is in Charge. For instance, Jesus said;

all authority in heaven and earth has been given me… (Math. 28).

Who gave Him, could Satan have given him? No. Look up also Dan. 4; Jn. 12; 14; 16; Ps.135; 115; Prov. 19 the list is endless.

e). I think we are actually according Satan more respect than he deserves. Satan, in whatever representation, is only a creature of God, not God’s rival of equal ontological status. Satan is like a rebellious child in the family. He is only a child, not the owner of the family. Scriptures compares him to a Thief (Jn. 8), not the owner of a house. It is true, he has divided the house and now has a following, but that does not make him lord of the ‘Whole world.’ Satan is a threat only to Human beings, not God.


I do not think there are many Christians who will accept that Satan rules their world or even their families. Why do we think God has allowed him to rule His (God’s) own Family. Satan is not in charge, God is.[1]

SHITYO, Ternenge Isaac. October, 2016.


[1] I have been conservative with Scriptural quotations; this is so that the reader reads an entire chapter to find what he seeks. Also I advise any reader to put sentiments behind and read the catechism of the Catholic Church particularly from nos. 301-313. It will help strengthen your faith. I have used it much in this work. Use Google.

6 thoughts on “SATAN RULES THE WORLD?

  1. Thanks for this wonderful piece. It is supprising how even in churches where the opposite should be preached some “Men of God” rather instill fear in the minds of their followers how the devil is everywhere and involved or is in charge of their destinies and controls all they do, in fact the most called name in church is the devil rather than call on God in rider to glorify His name. From our catechism classes, the Catholic Church teaches us reasons why God created us, humans. When people make it look as if we are created with the sole aim of fighting the devil in this world it baffles me. I believe God created the world and He is in control of everything, God and the Angels are there to fight the devil. My take on this topic is this, People should know God, Love Him, Serve Him and be they should be happy because in this world, the God who created the World and man has not and am sure will never handle it over to the devil to be in-charge.

    1. A Comment straight from the Heart. ‘In some Churches, the name of the Devil is more often called that that of God’. Very interesting thanks.

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